SIGNED Reflector Vinyl (420 Variant)

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Daniel Donato's sophomore album Reflector pressed on 180-gram blue-green hand poured vinyl, hand signed by Daniel Donato

Due to the individually hand-signed nature of this item signatures may vary in color, size, placement and may be otherwise imperfect

Add a signed 12" x 12" giclee print to your order

Released: November 10th 2023

1. Lose Your Mind
2. Rose In A Garden
3. High Country
4. Dance In The Desert
5. Double Exposure
6. Gotta Get Southbound
7. Halfway In Between
8. Till The Daylight
9. Sugarleg
10. Hard To Tell
11. Faded Lovin
12. Loco #9
13. Half Moon Night
14. Weathervane
15. Dance In The Desert, part 2